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DOP Mount Etna is obtained by hand harvesting the olives and cold pressing them and it is produced on the slopes of the volcano, at 700 m above sea level. It has a golden-yellow color with green reflections. The odor is slightly fruity. The taste is herbaceous and fresh with hints of artichoke, green tomato, sometimes with notes of fresh almonds with a low acid content, flavorful and fragrant.

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Production Area / Etna, South side
Denomination / Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cultivar / Nocellara Etnea
Harvest / the harvest takes place at the beginning of the olive ripening, at the end of October.
Harvest / harvesting by hand, directly from the plant, of the olives grown on volcanic soils.
Extraction / milling methods after harvesting, with a cold extraction system, in a controlled atmosphere, allowing the best preservation of the aromatic components.
Tasting notes / golden yellow colour with green reflections, the nose is fruity and light, the palate is herbaceous, fresh, with hints of artichoke, green tomato, sometimes with notes of fresh almond.

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