Sicilian Paths

by Elisa Trovato

Sicilian Paths

by Elisa Trovato


my paths

I am an agronomist and I love my vineyards.
I take care of them, I observe them.
I’m always looking for new ones around.
I go on walks and end up getting lost in them
Fortunately, there is always you, Etna,
guiding me.

my vineyards

Three hectares in Trecastagni on the south
side of the volcano.
A sunny and high slope, at 650 meters
above sea level, which can be seen to the east,
where the sun rises.
The vineyards are richness, passion,
my daily work.


I know the area well, I work here.
I supply farms, like
my father used to do. Walking, I have
rediscovered the earth, volcanic, black, which
the vineyards stain green and
turn them the purple shade of Nerello Mascalese.

Grapes before wine

Nerello Mascalese, Carricante and Nerello Cappuccio.
A little bit of Catarratto which is always present in Sicily.
I found 15-year-old espaliers and 35-50-year-old saplings.
I fell in love with them and made them my own.
And then, with the help of a good winemaker, I transformed the grapes into wine
and bottled it. For you.

my products

A year-long effort, walking among the rows where nature, in its cyclical repetition, has within itself the unpredictability of the extraordinary event that accompanies the uncertain wait and the hope that never subsides. Finally, the grape harvest and the olive harvest, with their joyful effort. Then, fermentation and pressing, new decisions, old expectations. My products, wine and oil, are then born, the result of my passion and the temper of the people that inhabit this extraordinary place.